Despite all efforts to organize the matches well in advance, our season was sadly characterized by too many cancelations and injuries.  Most significantly poor Katie Brooks had yet another operation on her jaw, and this time it affected one of her eyes very badly.  In addition she also badly strained her wrist.


Jo Love and Katie Brook, and Anna Linton and Andrea McCombe were due to play against Essex at the David Lloyd Club on Sunday 4th June.  On the 2nd June I got a text from their captain Nell “ Hi Clare, I’m so so sorry but is there any chance we can rearrange for Sunday.  I’ve just had a player pull out with a nasty knee injury, so I’ve been calling around and literally can’t find anyone to play … “

So the answer was they had to concede.


Next up was Kent on Sunday 18th June.  Poor Katie wasn’t well enough to play, so I filled in.  So the team was Anna Linton and Verena Rowan, me and Jo Love.

Jo and I narrowly lost our singles. Jo and Anna won their first doubles.  Then due to straining her back Verena and Anna had to pull out from their second doubles. And the first Kent doubles pair pulled out due to injury too.  So overall we lost 4-6.


Anna, Andrea, Lucy and I schlepped up to Yorkshire to be utterly demolished by their very good team on Sunday 2nd July.  But we had a surprisingly nice Thai meal in Huddersfield, a good laugh and Premier Inn was an awful lot nicer than I’d expected. The beds really are that comfortable .. even if the bathroom was a bit smelly.  And I got to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on the way back which made it completely worthwhile.

We didn’t win a set and there were nearly some bagels!


Trying to work out the score from this match was so complicated and time consuming it nearly fried my brain.

We attempted to play on the 12th August at David Lloyd.  First of all two of their players dropped out in advance.  But they wanted to play so they didn’t get relegated.  Eventually we worked out the rules – that two of us had to play the singles, and then a different two had to play the doubles.

So Jo and I played first.  I won my match 7-5, 6-4. Jo narrowly lost in a tie break.  Meanwhile poor Lucy Seppings was involved in a car accident on the way there so obviously she couldn’t play.  So that meant Katie ended up as spectator only.  We then put forward Jo’s Mum as Katie’s partner to avoid losing that match.  But they declined.  God only knows how we worked out the score in the end, but it involved lots of telephone conversations with Keith Bland … all I can remember is that we won! 6-2.


Yet again we failed to play Dorset.  We were due to play at their club on Sunday 3rd Sept.  But what with Eastbourne and injuries (I pulled out and Verena very kindly schlepped down to take my place) it simply wasn’t possible.

Report: Clare Crean