Dear all,

First of all a very good New Year to you all.

I’d like to remind you the above course is available for booking on the LTA website at this link…

It is being held at David Lloyd club Norwich (formerly Virgin Active) from 0900-1630 on 13th February 2018.

The cost is £65 and Norfolk coaches will be re-imbursed 50% of the cost (£32.50) after attending. 6 Licence points.

Current booking levels are insufficient to run the course, so please make it a New Year resolution to book on this weekend!

You will need to book yourselves on and pay the full amount at time of booking. This course comes very highly recommended and was very popular when we consulted you, so please take early action to avoid disappointment.

The course summary follows. Any queries to Leigh Brandon –

Regards, Richard

Richard Palmer, President NLTA


Moving Faster, Hitting Harder and Playing Injury Free is a workshop aimed at coaches who wish to learn how players of all ages and levels should be conditioning to move faster on court, hit bigger serves and groundstrokes and play pain-free tennis.

In this workshop with Leigh Brandon author of ‘The Tennis Biomechanics Manual’ you’ll learn simple stretches and exercises that will improve your players movement, hit the ball with more velocity, avoid injury and play injury free. You will learn how to test physical performance with tennis specific movement testing and new speed, agility and plyometric drills that can be used on-court to improve movement skills and increase serve and groundstroke speeds.

You will also learn recovery techniques that you can teach your players to recover better between games and training sessions so they can perform better on court and reduce the risk of injury.