Over the weekend of Feb 22/23rd Norfolk and Bedfordshire played a friendly match at Easton College Tennis Centre.The match provided matchplay opportunities for 128 players aged between 7-14.

Teams were split into age group categories, so each country were represented by players in U/8, U/9, U/10 and U/14.

Nicky Crawley who was captain for the Norfolk Boys teams said “it was a great weekend and great to see so many players out at the same time. Opportunities like this are great for everyone, you cant get enough match practise and this is an important part of any players development”.

For those who are interested, the results were as follows:

Norfolk won the U/8 and U/14 age group matches with Beds winning the U/9 and U/10.

Norfolk and Bedfordshire U/8s

Norfolk and Bedfordshire Boys U/14