Dear Norfolk Clubs/Coaches,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the She Rallies ambassador for Norfolk.

One of my roles is to increase, improve and empower the female coaching workforce within the county.

Together with NLTA, we have put together a really great opportunity for all girls 14 years old and above to give them the ability and confidence to get involved in the coaching programmes that you offer at your venue. You may already have girls that are helping, and some who need a gentle nudge, to get involved.  This programme is for all of them, no matter what their tennis ability.

We would like every club and coach to put forward a minimum of 2 girls (there is no upper limit, so look for as many as you can) from your programme who you feel could benefit from improving their skills like communication, organisation, confidence, etc.   Every girl will gain a huge amount of skill from this programme. I say 2 girls as they will feel happier joining with a friend, rather than on their own.

This Personal Development Pathway (PDP) will start with a supervised experience zoom on Thursday 18th February. There will be a couple of time slots available 2-3pm or 5-6pm.  At the zoom we will outline the PDP and get to know the girls so that we can challenge them at the correct level.   They can join alone or with a parent.

After the zoom they will all be invited to an hour training on zoom, unless face to face is possible, late February/March.   This will introduce them to some core skills they could try at their club or with their coach once tennis gets back on court.

From here those who are 15 years old will all be invited to join an Introduction to Level 1 coaching course, lasting 4 hours. This will be done on court.    So we have to wait to set the date, but hope it will be late spring/summer sometime.    Depending on numbers we may run 2 courses. Those who are not old enough will do a course next year, but will continue to be mentored via myself and their coach/club.

Any girls from this introduction to level 1 course who are 16 years old can then go onto the Level 1 course, again no set date but potentially end of summer/autumn this year.

We hope all the girls will feel inspired to do this course. Those not old enough will continue to be mentored via myself and coach/club until next year and they can do the course.

The cost for all this up to the full level 1 course is free. For the full level 1, there is a bursary if the girls have come through the above PDP and are then willing to continue their development helping out with county coaching and other county events.

Please can you let me know your nominated girls details (names, date of birth, and parents contact details, mobile number and email address) once you have confirmed with them, by 12th February. We must have the information by 12th please.

Please feel free to call me 07714474153 or email me if you require more information or have any questions, no matter how small. Also please pass on my details to any parents who may also have questions.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you to inspire the future.

Donna Andrews

She Rallies Ambassador



She rallies is a Judy Murray led initiative where female ambassadors are trained by Judy to the train other females. With the hope to encourage more girls to try tennis.

On 25th June 10 ladies from all over the county attended Norfolk’s first ‘little miss hits’ Course. This course is aimed to teach females to deliver non technical fun starter tennis sessions to 5-8year old girls.

We had a great mixture of coaches, assistants, parents and teachers. The group worked brilliantly together and understood the concept of the course very quickly. For details of future courses please contact Kim Burgess on